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Spore Galactic Adventures Adventure Creator
Spore Galactic Adventure‘s Adventure Creator is much like the creature, vehicle and building editors found in the core game in that there’s a lot of power hidden under a relatively simple interface. As a result, creating a simple adventure will be trivially easy. Users hoping to fine-tune adventures and get individual elements just so might be a little frustrated, however.

There’s an in-game checklist to get users started creating a simple adventure but to get the most out of the Adventure Creator, users will have to look elsewhere.

There are two helpful video tutorials by lead designer Stone Librande on YouTube which will help players come to grips with the basics of adventure creation. Aside from that, there are useful posts on the Spore forums with a FAQ, intermediate-level user tips and notes on the advanced AI settings for creatures.

Spore Galactic Adventures Adventure Creator Advanced AI
Oddly, the Steam distribution doesn’t seem to include a manual. The only documentation in the download is a simple text file with keyboard shortcuts. Fortunately, the 28-page manual is available as a PDF file on EA’s site here. The English manual weighs in at 1.4MB but annoyingly, it’s bundled with versions in other languages which bumps the download size up to 44MB.

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