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Breeding ball

Do you know how the world’s heaviest snake, the green anaconda, mates? Just imagine a dozen of these huge serpents all coiled so tightly together that you could hardly tell individuals apart. This mass of writhing flesh, the breeding ball, can last up to four weeks. Well, now you know and knowing, as they say, is half the battle.

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Just go with the flow

From the New Yorker:

“… the success of Doom and the games that have followed in its footsteps haven’t sentenced us to a world of violence. On the contrary: for all of their virtual gore, they may, ironically, hold one possible road map for a happier, more fulfilling and more engaged way of life.”

Meanwhile back in our reality:
Social interaction
(More examples of self-actualisation through games.)

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Alienation

Focus groups

A game all about standing up to alien terror — made by a developer terrified of alienating gamers.

Watch the 16-minute 720p video.

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Earth Saved By $6.99 DLC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: The Price of Freedom

Watch the 8-minute 720p video.

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Red Faction: Guerrilla: sound and fury

Red Faction: 'Splosions

Click on the image for a five-minute 720p video.

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