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Galactic quest

Pop quiz, hotshot.

How do you turn a plain, no-name Sectoid-derivative like this:
Spore: Sectoid
into this:
Spore: Probist
The answer: pay 29.99 in US dollars to Valve and get the Galactic Adventures expansion for Spore on Steam.

Which, by incredible coincidence, was exactly what I did.

After spending four days with Galactic Adventures, I can now proudly claim to be a Published Author with one Adventure published. I don’t want to toot my own horn here but it’s been played 10 times so far by other players. I know what you’re thinking. 10 whole times! Why, that’s more than Daikatana.

(Please save your applause till the end of the show.)

Granted, this grand adventure takes all of three minutes to complete and it’s about as surprising as Predictable McDirectstein, leader of Linearvania. I’m level-headed enough to not let this achievement go to my head.

But Sid Meier had better watch his ass. Just saying.

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