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Guild Wars links

Mike O’Brien and Jeff Strain interviewed. [via]
“In Guild Wars 2, you’ll be playing in one persistent world. And, periodically, your world will connect to different worlds. And we’ll be competing for shared resources that can benefit our world. Even if I am a role player, I can go out there and help defend my world. If I am a low level character, I could help protect a trade route. If I am a high level player, I could try to take a key fortress.”

Robert Garriott on NCsoft’s 2007. [via]
“… Guild Wars 2, which players anticipate seeing on store shelves in 2009.”

Guild Wars swimsuit issue.

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  1. Tan Lee Seng says

    Not sure if you celebrate but…Merry “Wintersday” Christmas Mr.Gobi… ;)

  2. Gobi says

    Merry Christmas and a Happy Wintersday to you, too!

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