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Magnetic candy

Takara Microman Magneforce Achilles
Released in 2005, the MagneForce Microman figures were some of the finest action figures Takara ever produced. Good looks, superb articulation, Magnemo interchangeability, excellent price … what more could an action figure aficionado ask for?

Seen above is Achilles, the heroic leader of the MagneForce, clad in his Helios armour. This particular specimen hasn’t aged particularly well in the two years since its release. The white plastic on the right fist is now almost greyish, the red paint on the groin has flaked off and the metal seems to have oxidised a little.

Still, it’s a great little figure from a terrific series of Microman figures. Josh Bernard of CollectionDX came up with the term “hand candy” to describe a figure that’s so nice to handle you simply can’t put it down. Achilles, like his MagneForce brethren, is exactly that: hand candy.

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