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Konami Busou Shinki Eukrante

A photo of Siren Eukrante from the recently released fifth wave of Konami’s Busou Shinki line.

I had trouble translating the katakana for the name when it was first announced. Was it Eucrante? Euklante? Euclante?

I only recently discovered the name is a reference to Eukrante/Eucrante, one of the Nereids, the sea nymphs of Greek mythology. (Ianeira is another one of them.)

It’s not every day one learns something about ancient Greek mythology from a Japanese action figure.

Konami Busou Shinki Eukrante

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  1. microbry says

    I *finally* got my Arnval figure tonight, 6 months after a late preorder. Pretty amazing…I wish the head would stay on better, and I wish they worked in waist articulation and had made the hip joints look more elegant from the rear, but these are minor gripes at best. I may have to pick up a couple more and some Amdriver parts. I really hope they can get Akitaka Mika to do a pair of figures for one release in the future.

    On Real Gear, I got all 6 of the initial release, and am most pleased. My only gripes are that they clearly scaled down the binoculars, gameboy/psp, and video camera so they aren’t 1/1 scale but more like 1/2 to 2/3 scale, and the lenses do not show through clearly (which they did on the old Microchange stuff), even though they clearly were meant to in the original design (probably at the correct scale)…and that some of the parts are too loose. The mp3 player, digicamera, and phone are clearly 1/1 scale though, and all the figures are about the same size range as their Microman ancestors and blend really nicely on the shelf with the classic robot toys or with Micros. Definitely a must have in my book.

  2. Gobi says

    Six months? And here I was being antsy because Spy Shot 6 was delivered 24 hours after I was expecting it.

    I agree with the points about the Busou Shinki hips and waist. The head thing differs from figure to figure. I find one or two tend to pop out more than others.

    Akitaka would be a good choice considering his MS Shoujo was the forerunner of Mecha Musume-style figures. I don’t think it’s likely, though. Konami seems to favour designers who are currently in favour with the otaku.

    Drop me a line if you manage to locate a retailer with a decent selection of Amdriver figures. I’m keen on picking up a few myself.

  3. Shailee says

    Where can you buy Eukrante? I’m saving up for her and I FINALLY have enough $, but I can’t find a place to buy her!!!
    plz tell me where!!!

  4. Gobi says

    Shailee, Eukrante seems to be sold out almost everywhere. It is apparently available at Angolz
    but it looks like it might set you back 60 or so dollars (including shipping). I’ve not had any experience with Angolz so I can’t vouch for them.

    You could also try asking at
    It’s a fan forum that might have some alternative suggestions.

    Best of luck. It’s a cool figure.

  5. Major says

    The busoushinkiworld forums contain at least one thread for suggestions of places to obtain various shinki, and the members there are a nice enough bunch. It’s probably the best place to go if you’re looking for assistance on almost any aspect of shinki ownership.