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Silverbolt, how you have fallen

Hasbro Transformers Beast Machines Silverbolt

A photo of a Hasbro Transformers Beast Machines Silverbolt in robot mode.

Let me count the ways this toy sucks … oh wait, I don’t have that many fingers.

Let me instead run through briefly why this toy sucks: awful colour scheme … awful colour scheme that is show-inaccurate … robot mode head has stupid expression … robot mode looks like he’s got a freaky paunch … beast mode mouth is on robot mode crotch … robot mode head peeks out between the legs of beast mode … weapon is staggeringly stupid … one of the pegs on his back broke off presumably because it refused to be attached to such a bad toy … the toy is so terrible that it may induce excessive use of ellipses …

Why did I buy this toy? Why, why, why?


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