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Beastly machine

Hasbro Transformers Beast Machines Silverbolt

A photo of a bootleg … no, wait, this is actually an official Transformers product. As in manufactured under license from Takara Co, Ltd.

I consider Beast Machines Silverbolt to be the worst Transformer toy I own. Now, technically, the G1 era has less articulated, uglier toys with less thought put into them but considering the time period this figure was released in and considering the figures that preceded it, Beast Machines Silverbolt is truly awful.

The beast mode is described optimistically on the packaging as a condor but it’s more accurately described as a jive ass turkey.

According to the bio, “Silverbolt became the victim of the worst kind of crime.” Yeah, my favourite Beast Wars character was turned into a terrible toy.

Takara re-released the figure with more show-accurate colours in 2005 as part of its Beast Wars Returns line but the colours are the least of this figure’s problems.

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