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All a-Gogg

Bandai Mobile Suit in Action Gogg

A photo of an MSM-03 Gogg, a figure released in 2000 as part of Bandai’s Mobile Suits in Action series.

I was not a fan of the MSiA line. The figures may have been well-articulated and faithful to the source material but the first few in the line-up felt really cheap in hand.

Despite my low opinion of the line as a whole, there was absolutely no way I was going to pass up MSiA Gogg. How can you not smile when you look at this endearingly chunky Boss Borot-ish mecha design?

As an action figure, it’s decent. It feels solid in your hand and it’s well-articulated. The neck and waist swivel, each arm has five ball joints, the wrist is hinged, the fingers (excluding the thumbs) are hinged at the first knuckle, the hips have swivel joints, the knees have swivel/hinge combo joints, the “ankles” have a limited ball joint and the shoulder pads swivel out of the way for some poses.

Some parts do pop off easily when handled — the hands and shoulder pads most notably — but this is something you come to expect with MSiA figures.

The Gogg is also notable for one special feature …

Bandai Mobile Suit in Action Gogg


I suppose I should apologise profusely now.

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