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By the blade of knight

Bandai Garo Equip & Prop volume 1

A photo of the Garo figure from the 2006 Equip & Prop volume 1 set by Bandai.

(Click on the photo for a larger-sized version.)

The 19cm-tall figure is pictured here with the 15cm-long Garo Sword. The articulation for Garo’s arms is much better than for the Kouga figure and you should have no problems putting Garo in your favourite swordsman pose.

The legs aren’t as posable, unfortunately. There are joints galore but they’re all restricted in some way. Nobody expects a fully armoured knight to execute kung-fu side kicks but I was hoping to put Garo in a few more dynamic poses. It must be said, however, it looks good in the poses you can put it in.

Two things that may not be evident from the photo: the figure is mostly plastic and the sword is mostly metal.

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