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Makai knight

Bandai Garo Equip & Prop volume 1

Another photo of the Saejima Kouga figure from the 2006 Garo Equip and Prop volume 1 set by Bandai.

The figure stands 17cm tall and is articulated at the neck, chest, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. It should be quite a posable action figure but it isn’t. The problem is the ball joints at the shoulders and hips are limited laterally. The set includes the Makai sword seen above (as well as an extra right hand for Kouga to grip it) but there aren’t many cool swordsman poses you can pull off.

The other problem with the Kouga figure is the proportions. The figure seems to be missing a chunk of its trunk.

Deal-breakers? Hardly. But considering the effort Bandai took to get the face sculpt right, these shortcomings are disappointing.

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