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Bandai Garo Equip & Prop volume 1

A photo of a Saejima Kouga figure from the 2006 Garo Equip and Prop volume 1 set by Bandai.

Most fans would have picked up the set for the Garo form but the Kouga figure is noteworthy as well. I’m taken aback by how closely the figure resembles Kouga’s actor. This is surprising because Bandai generally doesn’t bother nailing the likeness of actors for its toys. Its Souchaku Henshin line is a sterling example.

Someone picky might point out Konishi Ryousei (*), the actor portraying Kouga, is a little girlier than the figure but considering this is an action figure from a 3800 yen set rather than an expensive statuette, Bandai really should be commended for making the effort to get it right.

(* I’ve seen the name romanised as Ryousei, Hiroshi and Hiroki on the web. According to the Japanese Wikipedia, he changed it from Hiroki to Ryousei earlier this year.)

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