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The Undying dead

Final Fantasy XII Vayne
(Image source: Square Enix.)

Final Fantasy XII complete!

The final battle(s) were every bit as frustrating as I anticipated. After three failed attempts, I was left feeling the ultimate Ultimate Bad Guy was all-too-accurately named. He did not seem beatable with characters between levels 38 and 45, which were what I had. The thing that was galling about this was failure meant replaying almost two hours of boss fights. And that’s with the cutscenes skipped.

For my fourth attempt, I switched tactics, consumed X-Potions like salted peanuts, learnt how powerful one Black Magick spell was and found one Arcane Magick spell essential.

I still wasn’t too optimistic of beating the UBG, however, as he changed the rules of the game, effortlessly dispelled my party’s buffs and slaughtered characters at will. I got my first clue victory was close at hand when one character attempted to poach the UBG, something that happens only when the foe’s HP was critical. Encouraged, I redoubled my efforts.

Victory still had to come down to luck. The noble knight got a Mist charge and cut loose with Fulminating Darkness, the kid went on a run with multiple chained Red Spiral attacks and the leading man contributed an Element of Treachery and a few Fires of War attacks. I ended up destroying the UBG with a 14-hit quickening assault, equalling my second-best combo record.

I had a big grin when the final cutscenes began to play.

Much later, I saw this video showing a player complete the final boss fights in less than 7 minutes. Jeez. The player may have had buffed up characters with super-weaponry but still … jeez.

I’m still chuffed I managed to finish the game without referring to FAQs, guides or tips. I may have done it the hard way but I did it my way.

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