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Creature feature

This is Modulok.
Mattel He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Modulok
Modulok could kick Will Wright’s ass with one arm and two legs tied behind his back.

That said, I’m still eagerly looking forward to Will Wright’s latest (and I suspect his greatest) game, Spore, after seeing user-created creatures made with the Spore Creature Creator. The creative juices have clearly been flowing because wondrous beasts hitherto unseen have been conceived. There are walking wangs, flying phalluses, dongs with indiscernible means of locomotion … this tremendous diversity is truly a testament to the limitless human capacity for imagination.

The standalone editor is supposed to go on sale today but apparently everyone on the Internet has managed to procure it through fair means (demo disks containing the trial version) or foul. I’m not sure how the editor will be made available legally to folks outside the US but I hope to get it as soon as possible. As software toys go, this looks brilliant.

Update 18/6: the trial version is up now.

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