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Final Fantasy XII wallpaper

(Original image source: Square Enix.)

Square Enix loves cinematics so much it never passes up an opportunity for a cutscene in Final Fantasy XII. Pivotal story moments are depicted with them, of course, but there are other events that the developer considered cutscene-worthy. Boss entrance? Cutscene. Boss vanquished? Cutscene. New area? Cutscene. Special attack? Cutscene. Summoning an esper? Cutscene. Esper special attack? A comically over-the-top cutscene.

The cinematics are a visual treat thanks to the exotic-cool artistic designs but some restraint would have been nice. There are sequences in the game when cutscene after cutscene occur. Three is the most I’ve experienced so far. I know it was three because I had to skip thrice. I’d seen them already and I was only seeing them again because I had to replay after the party was wiped out by a boss.

To skip a cutscene, press the Start button followed by the X button. This, curiously enough, is undocumented in the game manual.

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