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I got a fever …

… and the only cure is … DON DONDON DONDON.

One of the things that will get the new Patapon player hot and bothered is Fever. In Fever mode, the Patapons, filled with blood lust, are much more effective in battle. The Yumipon bowmen will fill the sky with arrows when they attack, the Tatepon swordsmen and axemen will shield themselves better when defending. The problem is getting into Fever mode can be tricky at first and breaking a Fever is all too easy.

There are two main ways to get into Fever mode. The easier of the two methods requires stringing together 10 successive combos. This shouldn’t present any difficulty after a few game sessions. The problem is this takes time and victory often hinges on getting into Fever mode as soon as possible.

The quicker and, unfortunately, more complicated method requires precision drumming. Time your drumming to perfection and you’ll get into Fever mode after stringing together four perfect combos. This, as you might imagine, is easier said than done. I can do it but not consistently.

If getting into Fever mode is tricky, maintaining it is trickier. The new player will frequently drop out of Fever moments after achieving it. After putting several hours into the game, I still haven’t got it down pat yet but I can at least sustain Fever mode a lot longer now. What worked for me was following the timing of the flashing edges and avoiding my usual mistake of pounding prematurely whenever I switched drums.

The other potential source of frustration in the game is JuJu. JuJu spells, which have a variety of useful effects, can only be cast in Fever mode and they’re tricky to execute as well. The first JuJu spell the player will get is the Rain spell and casting it requires using the Don drum. The beat goes DON DONDON DONDON and I found the easiest way to get this right was to synchronise my drum pounding with the green flashing edges of the screen.

First green flash: DON.

Second green flash: hit Don twice in succession. DONDON.

Third green flash: hit Don twice in succession again. DONDON.

It will take more than a few attempts to pull it off but once you do, you should have little problem DON DONDON DONDON-ing on a regular basis.

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