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X3: Bala Gi

X3: Reunion: Bala Gi Player Headquaters
At some point during my X3: Reunion campaign, I satisfied the conditions that triggered the Bala Gi missions, the bonus missions included with the 2.0 patch. The payoff for completing these included a new Player Headquarters (a super shipyard of sorts), a unique M7 class frigate and the M3 Plus class of heavy fighters.

New toys for the X3 sandbox, in other words.

The missions themselves were typical Egosoft designs. Long, tedious, obscure … “not fun” is the message I’m trying to convey here. I think it would be fair to say Egosoft is primarily concerned with inflicting German discipline upon the frivolous fun-loving Ausländer. If there’s any opportunity to suck the fun out of something, Egosoft will most assuredly be on it assiduously sucking away.

Most of the Bala Gi missions involve travelling to a distant sector. If you’re lucky, you might have unlocked the sector on your universe map, in which case all you would have to do is jump to the sector. If you’re unlucky, as I was, you’d have to wander around the vast universe getting increasingly frustrated trying to figure out where the hell the damned sector was. If you’ve reached the critical threshold of frustration, as I did, you’d swear with great feeling, give up then search online for a user-created map. As I did.

I did eventually jump through all the required hoops and took possession of the Player HQ as well as an M7 Hyperion and a Split Chimera.

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  1. dany says

    what do i do in unknow secto where i find the m3 nova. after that i am stocked. i don t know what to do could someone tell me. please

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