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Sidetalkin’: WordPress Sideblog

WordPress plugin: Sideblog
After trying out the Sideblog plugin for WordPress for two months on Fanmode, I’m reasonably comfortable with it so I added the plugin to create a sideblog on this site’s left sidebar.

Naturally, there were complications.

For some reason I can’t discern, the plugin automatically includes paragraph breaks. There’s a CSS workaround for that but, unusually for me, I was content to let that be.

However, I got it in my head that I was going to exclude the sideblog entries from the list of recently written posts. This proved particularly complicated since neither the get_archives (which has been deprecated) or wp_get_archives WordPress functions allow posts from a particular category to be excluded. The solution is to custom code that. It looks complicated but it works perfectly.

The author of the code, rembem, noted:

There is one disadvantage: only post that have ONLY category 18 assigned, are excluded. If a post has other categories besides category 18 assigned, it will not be excluded.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I’ve got a few posts that have multiple categories including the one I want excluded and none of them show up on the Recently Written lists. So, not only does the code work great, it works better than the author expected.

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