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And I quote

This is probably my favourite piece of dialogue from a game this year:

Those who would lead prefer that history suit their needs, and rewrite it to see that it does. And why shouldn’t they? The fault lies not with them. The reeking masses yearn for gods and miracles. It is their opiate, and they consume it greedily. The people do not endeavor towards greatness, but rather mire themselves in their petty strifes – shackles on the feet of man. Their leaders give them no more than that for which they clamor. It is history’s oldest and most oft-repeated tale. Do men exploit this weakness to dominate their fellows? Mayhap they do. But they succeed only because the people are eager to know such dominion. Gods are only illusions born of man’s fear. It is they who see this charade for what it is and join in the pageantry who are to blame.

That’s from Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, the US version of a Japanese PSP remake of a 1997 Playstation game.

I know that there are gamers who will never play Japanese RPGs because the cutesy super deformed graphics put them off but I’m here to tell you that there are some great game experiences to be had if you can get over that.

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