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Wedding cake toppers ranked pretty highly on the list of things I couldn’t care any less about before I learned about the work of McDevitt Studio‘s Troy McDevitt.

He sculpts extraordinary custom cake toppers that radiate character and style. McDevitt works from photos and uses 99 cent acrylic paint, Super Sculpey and Toxicmom Studio wax for these mini-masterpieces.

Cake toppers are his bread and butter — on average he does three a month — but he’s also done some limited-run fantasy kits based on his incredible sculptures.

His work has attracted customers around the world and even caught the eye of celebrities.

McDevitt says, “I’ve probably been sculpting for maybe 6 or 7 years now. I figure in another 20 years I’ll be happy with the way my stuff looks.” I figure in 20 years our heads will all explode. No mortal man will be able to handle that degree of sheer awesomeness.

Here are some posts showcasing his work from a 12-page thread:

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