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The Chalkmaster


The sidewalk.


His hands.



Dave Johnston worked on the sidewalks of Toronto for years and created masterpieces that were trod on and eventually rubbed away. He calls himself the Chalkmaster and who would argue he is undeserving of the title?

He is there no longer and I think the city will be the poorer for it. A transcription of his final speech:

So here’s my last speech to you Toronto. As I leave to start my new life, I leave with you these final chalky words. All my years of being “Chalkmaster” have shown me a beauty & hope rarely seen in newspapers and on the news. Every single day I’ve done my sidewalk art I’ve been privileged to witness Muslims & Jews, Black & White, Asians & Natives, Rich & Poor, Smart, Silly, Chubby, Tall, Short … Basically, I’ve seen the human race standing side by side with each other unplagued by our differences … simply sharing a moment together without strife. Daily people tell me I’m “amazing” for my chalk art when the truth is it’s a bunch of strangers from all walks of life supporting my goals that is truly amazing. To all of you, from all of me, I sincerely and humbly thank you all for allowing me to live a DREAM.

Check out this fantastic video which features some of the Chalkmaster’s work as well as the man himself working on a Superman piece.

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