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Opera: Translation

I surf a lot of Japanese sites but unfortunately, I don’t speak or read much Japanese. I can convincingly scream out “I will defeat you for the sake of justice'” in Japanese but sadly, that has little utility if you’re not a Kamen Rider. If it doesn’t have katakana or furigana, I’m pretty much lost.

I did make an attempt at learning the language but got only as far as my third lesson before realising I would have no chance whatsoever of using it everyday life. And when it comes to languages, if you’re not using it, you’re losing it.

Thus, I rely heavily on online translators when I need to figure out something written in Japanese. Admittedly, these translators aren’t perfect but with a little research, it’s possible to get the gist of the message.

I really like how Opera simplifies translations. To translate something, you highlight the text in the browser then right-click with the mouse to get this context menu:
Opera: Translate
Select Translate and pick a language to translate the text to.
Opera: Translate
Opera then sends the text string to Babel Fish and you get a translation like this:
Opera: Translate

So, as for the convoy as though it is the town declaration car of right wing, while sounding large sound, when it runs around throughout the city by this trailer.

Yeah, well, like I said, folks, it ain’t perfect.

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