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X3: Reunion links

X-play review.
“What’s a girl got to do to see some Kha’ak around here?” must surely rank as one of TV’s greatest moments.

X3 2.0 trailer.
The 2.0 patch added a lot of features to the game.

Combat is decidedly old-school in its simplicity.

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  1. Steve says

    Shame about the “slightly underwhelmving Kha’ak” I must say…!

  2. Steve says

    Umm… without the V.

    I found X3 a little too “deep” and complicated for me. Nothing really has topped “Freelancer” for me – what it lacked in depth it definitely made up for in just some plain fun. And also, the ability to play online with up to 64 people was quite an exciting idea.

    Still, I’m enjoying reading about your trials and tribulations in the game – so, please do continue! :-P

  3. Gobi says

    Heh. It’s always nice to know my trials and tribulations are providing amusement to someone.

    There’s definitely a good game in X3 — you could actually argue that there are several good games in X3 — but you have to dig really deep. The game has thus far shown enough promise that I’m going to stick with it.

    I passed up Freelancer when it first came out. I was hoping for a new version of Privateer (one of the classic Origin games I never played) and reports of Freelance being dumbed down disappointed me.

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