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Guild Wars links

Jeff Strain speech at GC2007. [via]
“While it may seem counterintuitive to add features that support the solo play experience into an MMO, we believe that Guild Wars would not have been as successful had we not added these features.”

On the Hall of Monuments.
“… its very safe to assume that there won’t be any kind of direct correlation between what you did in GW1 and what you get in GW2 since the two games are pretty different.” My concern is that the HoM will reward players who slog for dozens of hours with a starter weapon in GW2 that will quickly become obsolete.

If you were a boss …
“Id be a super mega hard boss that makes all teh whiners go QQ on forums begging anet for a nerf. then the nerf comes, people slaughter me mercileccly, my greens ‘n’ golds will become worthless and people will go cry on forums complaining about how worthless and easy to kill I am now …”

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