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Robotman Baron

Takara Microman MagnePowers Robotman Baron

A photo of Robotman Baron, a 1999 figure from Takara’s Microman MagnePowers line.

Takara is renowned for its clever action figure designs and this might be one of the best action figures the company has ever produced.

Robotman Baron, like its brethren, Ace and Cross, clearly drew inspiration from the original Magnemo figures from the Seventies, but this modern take took the concept to the next level thanks to a sleek, sexy robot design by Transformers fan turned designer, Ichikawa Hirofumi.

It plays great as well thanks to its Magnemo-11 parts which are interchangeable with MagneTitans and MagneAnimals figures from the MagnePowers line as well as the older Magnemo toys.

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