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Takara Microman Microknight MC8 Silver

A photo of a Takara Microman Microknight MC8 Silver figure.

What a strange figure this is. It’s a seven-year-old reproduction of a 28-year-old Japanese toy based on a medieval Western knight.

The vintage Microman line had tremendous diversity but the Microknight still easily stands out from the other classic Microman figures thanks to all the chrome.

The articulation isn’t as great as that for a standard Microman figure from the Seventies. Microknight lacks the waist joint and the posability at the hips is impeded by the cuirass.

But I didn’t get it for the articulation. I got the figure because I love knights and Microknight is a classy and elegant representation of one.

Takara did a fantastic job with this repro and even threw in some new knight-appropriate accessories: a sword (seen above) and a lance.

A beautiful figure and one of my all-time favourites.

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