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So cool that they made the paper

It should be clear by now that I’m not a fan of the Transformers movie designs. I had the opportunity to get the Takara Tomy version of the Leader-class Optimus Prime figure last week and just couldn’t find any motivation to buy it despite being a fan of the character.

I am looking forward to the Real Gear subline, though. These are Transformers with gadgets for alt modes and like Microchange figures of old, they are meant to be 1:1 scale. The robot modes are more traditional Transformers designs and they look like really fun toys.

In fact, they’re so cool I wasn’t surprised to see a photo of the toys in the paper today:

Transformers Real Gear Tech & U

(There’s a better quality JPEG image here.)

A close-up of the text:
Transformers Real Gear Tech & U

“Japan’s toy maker Tomy employee” is clunky and it’s odd Takara Tomy was referred to first as Tomy and then Takara.

Nitpicking aside, it’s nice to see Transformers get some mainstream media coverage. I am disappointed we haven’t seen any good articles covering the franchise’s history, though.

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