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Fanged wolf

Bandai Garo Equip & Prop volume 1

A photo of the Garo figure from the 2006 Equip & Prop volume 1 set by Bandai.

I think it’s fair to say this is the main reason most would have picked up the set. Take the beautiful armour of the Gold Saints from Saint Seiya and apply McFarlane Toy’s edgy sensibilities and you’d get Garo: a striking bestial knight.

Putting the armour on first involves dismembering and decapitating the Kouga figure and then attaching Garo’s limbs, head and armour. Getting the Garo head on is a little tricky as the instructions omit one step. You’re supposed attached a neck piece (this can be found on the bottom tray) to the head before attaching both to the torso.

Attaching the head to the neck piece took me a long time as it wasn’t immediately obvious to me which was the top and which was the bottom of the neck piece. On top of that, the fit wasn’t too good.

However, the difficulty I had putting it all together was quickly forgotten once I set eyes on the completed Garo.


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