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Revoltech Saber released.
Japanese pictorial reviews: Hiro, Taste, Toyanddiary.

Revoltech Saber QC problem. [via]
Kaiyodo has acknowledged there are reports of the elbow joints cracking but it hasn’t investigated the matter due to the Golden Week holiday. The company urges Japanese owners to check the joints and send in flawed figures for replacement.

Busou Shinki walkabout.
One of the memes on the Japanese fan BBS is photographing Busou Shinki figures outdoors. Try to picture the expressions on bystanders as the figures are being photographed.

War bowl. [via]
Toy soldiers don’t die; they get turned into decorations. (See also.)

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  1. microbry says

    Heh, I’ve wanted to do more stuff like that with my micros (the walkabout stuff). Outdoor real life settings are fun to shoot in, even if it risks some strange looks if more in public (“it’s for a website” usually is a good excuse!).

    The war bowl makes me think of “Legion” from Castlevania… which in turn I think is inspired by Heironymous Bosch (sp?). Brrr.

  2. Gobi says

    Microman figures would be especially cool to photograph outdoors as they’re meant to be 1:1 scale. Lots of possibilities to show these tiny aliens trying to navigate this world of giants they’re stuck in. (The Microman anime ending was a good example.)

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