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Micro Transformers

Transformers Micromasters Tote

A photo of a Hasbro Tote figure from the 1989 Transformers Micromasters subline.

The Micromasters appeared toward the end of G1. As you might be able to infer from the name, Micromasters were tiny Transformers about 5cm tall.

They were decently articulated considering their size and the fact they were G1 Transformers. The shoulders, hips and knees are jointed but this was done primarily to allow the Micromasters to be put in a sitting position in vehicles and weapon emplacements.

Transformers Micromasters Tote

(The joints also allowed you to put a Micromaster on its knees to perform salacious services for another Micromaster or do an orz pose to apologise for the previous pose.)

The designers would take that action figure-y aspect of the Micromasters to the next level with the Action Masters.

Transformers Micromasters Tote

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