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Kaiyodo’s Assemble Borg.
Interchangeable figures using Revoltech’s Revolver joints. I’d love to see Kaiyodo approve these for production.

Busou Shinki at Wonder Festival.
The Gundam-ish Eukrante looks fantastic.

Michael Bay, your Optimus Prime sucks.
Oh wait, sorry … Wait, are those bell bottoms?

Guild Wars server pings for Asian players.
I average about 400ms unless my ISP, TM Net, goes screwy. Which it did last night. I’m going to guess “service interruption” is the phrase most used during TM Net’s personnel training.

HRP-2: Robomaid.
That’s just sad. A robot that looks that cool should be out conquering the universe and oppressing puny fleshlings instead of doing the damned dishes.

Goofs found in Hot and Horny Cheerleaders 5.
“Factual error: When Jill shows up at Tom’s dorm in a jersey and helmet, she claims to be ‘a very tight end.’ But the number on her jersey is 55, and football traditionally reserves numbers 50 through 59 for centers and linebackers.”

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