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First Convoy

Revoltech Convoy
I confess I had little intention of picking up Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Convoy when I first saw it. The thought of having a superposable Optimus Prime action figure was very appealing to be sure but the first prototype photos which surfaced online cured me of any immediate impulse to buy it.

Where do I start with the things that bug me? Shall I start with the tiny head? Or should I point instead to the grotesque neck? Or how about the fat, rounded lines of the limbs? The chubby, inflated gun, perhaps?

I once dismissed the figure as a rendition of Prime by someone only vaguely familiar with Transformers but it is actually a very good rendition of Prime. It just happens to be a rendition of Prime based on an interpretation I care little for.

I’m not sure why the Revoltech sculptor, Yamaguchi Katsuhisa, chose to base the figure on Pat Let’s version of Optimus Prime. Did he like that rendition? Was he trying to pander to the tastes of Lee fans? Was he trying to differentiate Revoltech Convoy from the Sunbow animation model which has influenced Prime designs big and small over the years?

Anyway, I was curious about the Revoltech figures considering all the good reviews they’ve received and since I was going to pick up a Revoltech figure, it might as well be one of a character I’m fond of and familiar with.

Even if it’s a puffy, neck-y version.

A review will come later.

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