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Guild Wars ultrasharp

My heart stopped earlier when my LCD display went black for a second. Oh god, my new monitor is spoilt! Oh wait, it’s back. Oh look, here’s the Guild Wars log-in screen. Oh god, it’s all distorted. My monitor’s ruined!

Life is a constant drama when you have a new piece of hardware.

I tried Guild Wars in 1680×1050 (the 2007WFP’s native resolution) and found the performance barely tolerable even in town. My Geforce 4 TI 4200 graphics card just doesn’t have the processing power for that resolution and I was getting frame-rates in the low teens. I switched the in-game resolution to 1024×768 but the graphics didn’t look that great when scaled to fit a fixed-aspect ratio.

I finally went with a windowed 1024×768 resolution. I haven’t come across any performance issues playing Guild Wars in a window and I’m getting the 20-plus frames per second I’m accustomed to.

Guild Wars windowed

I’m definitely impressed by the 2007WFP’s image quality when it comes to Guild Wars. Everything looks much sharper and better defined compared to my CRT. Colours are more vibrant especially after I calibrated my display.

Guild Wars ultrasharp

I was concerned about the 2007WFP’s rather slow response rate of 16ms but I haven’t noticed any problems with ghosting or tearing. I can’t say I’ve made any serious attempt to check for oddities, however. It’s difficult to scrutinise the display for graphics problems in the midst of battle.

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