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Stuck on you

A 20-inch display with a resolution of 1680×1050 has 1,764,000 pixels. You would think one pixel wouldn’t be able to stand out among 1.7 million pixels. And yet if that one pixel happens to be a stuck pixel on my spanking new display, it does stick out.

Dell 2007WFP stuck pixel

Hello, sore thumb.

The offending pixel happens to be red which is perhaps entirely appropriate because I think of it as a red zit on the face of my display. I didn’t even notice it in the first few hours of using the display but now my eyes cannot help but be drawn to that pixel. I’ll be typing something or reading something and my eyes will go seeking for that dastardly tiny red speck of their own accord. Where is it? Where, where? Aah, there it is. This is usually followed by some cussing.

Remember that irrational, fussy part of me I mentioned earlier? It may be a little part of me but damn, it can be loud.

This is completely stupid, of course. I cannot even figure out why I obsess over something as tiny as this.

At one point, I thought there were two stuck pixels on my monitor and had begun gnashing my teeth and spewing expletives before I realised the other stuck pixel was actually a speck of dust which was easily wiped off.

So, yeah, it’s definitely stupid.

It’s one stuck pixel.

Among 1.7 million pixels.

I could raise such a fuss over this that Dell would have to send a replacement just to shut me up. But there’s no guarantee the replacement unit would be free of flaws. The replacement might have problems with colour banding, severe backlight bleeding, excessive flickering or dead pixels. I could end up trying replacement after replacement without satisfying my high standards.

Another option is try the various folk remedies that reputedly fix stuck pixels.

But I think it’s better to let go.

Embrace the flaw.

Be one with nature.

Om-m-m-m …

Where is it? Where, where?

Ah, there it is.

Son of a …

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