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Colour me bad

I mentioned earlier my problems with my CRT display. It may not have been clear to you what the big deal was so here’s an example of how it affected me.

This was a photo that looked perfectly all right on my CRT before calibration:

Busou Shinki Xiphos pre-calibration

This is a photo on my LCD display that looked all right after calibration:
Busou Shinki Xiphos post-calibration

The differences before and after calibration can be just as jarring when it comes to other PC applications. Web sites look different to me since I now see colours and gradients where I previously saw only murky darkness. It’s also now clear to me my problems with Guild Wars had nothing to do with extreme goth sensibilities on the part of ArenaNet’s artists.

There are various ways of calibrating your monitor. Professional graphics artists or photographers will probably be best served by high-end solutions costing a few hundred dollars but the hoi polloi can make do with various free solutions available on the net. I would strongly recommend looking at imagebased calibration at the very least since it would give you an indication of whether adjustments are necessary.

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