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Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Prowl

A photo of Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Prowl in robot mode.

It’s a striking figure in this mode but not a particularly fun action figure.

Articulation-wise, Prowl has all the usual joints: head (ball-jointed), shoulders (ball-jointed), elbows (ball-jointed), waist (swivel), hips (ball-jointed) and knees (hinged). The beast mode provides the robot mode with additional ball-joints in the lower legs as well as very limited ball joints for the ankles.

With all those joints, you’d think Prowl would be a terrific action figure. Unfortunately, the upper half of the robot mode has a few loose parts that don’t lock down. A few more pegs, tabs, slots and holes would’ve helped make this a more enjoyable figure to handle.

The bio for this figure is particularly notable. The references to G1 Prowl made it clear that, unlike a lot of Beast Wars bios, this one was the result of some creativity and research.

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