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Transformers Binaltech Tracks

A photo of Tracks from the Transformers Binaltech line.

It was originally released yellow and I’m glad I waited for the blue version. I can understand why it might not matter to some but it does to me. This Binaltech figure has a lot of references to the character’s original G1 form and it would be odd to get it in a different colour scheme.

Regardless of the colours, this sleek vehicle is a worthy alternate mode for the fashionable Autobot.

Transformers Binaltech Tracks

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  1. Tan Lee Seng says

    Hmm…then you must have Binaltech Meister (Jazz) in pearl-white rather than the metallic-red Meister which I think looks slightly better than the pearl-white one…lol. (You must also be quite excited to know that Takara-Tomy/Hasbro is revamping G1 characters in a whole new “more articulate” Transformers Classics line coming this November and not forgetting MP Starscream and “WTF” MP-04 G1 Convoy with trailer….arrrgh !! Why are they doing this to us MP-01 owner)

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