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Beast Wars Transmetals II Optimus Minor

A digi-doodle of Beast Wars Transmetals II Optimus Minor.

This was one of the worst Transformers ever produced and one of the worst action figures I have spent money on. There have been more wretched Transformers figures produced but Optimus Minor is particularly disappointing considering the period in which he was produced.

Hasbro and Takara were clearly capable of some great beast-to-robot Transformers designs and the Transmetals assortment proved it. The Transmetals version of Beast Wars Megatron is one of the figures from the Beast Wars era that I still rate highly.

Thus, it was something of a shock when the Transmetals II assortment was released. Everything was so X-TR3M3’d to the point I wished someone would go over to the designers’ houses and burn their collection of McFarlane Toys figures and Image Comics titles.

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