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Xevoz Sky Grinder

A photo of Sky Grinder, a figure from the Xevoz line.

Sky Grinder was one of the cooler figure concepts in a cool line. I love the idea of a sky-surfing punk wielding dual blades as he slices and dices away in a turf war over the skies of a futuristic ghetto.

Unfortunately, the figure (or at least mine) was let down by poor manufacturing. The ball-joints — especially those for the knees — were far too loose making this figure as stable as Floppy McFalls-a-lot.

Close examination of the problematic joints revealed some sort of residue on the balls of the ball joints. The factory must have been aware of the poor-fitting joints and tried to layer the joints with some clear liquid (clear nail polish? glue?) in a failed attempt to mask the problem.

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