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Microman M11x

A digi-doodle of a M11x series Microman figure.

Like my other digi-doodles, this one was done with a mouse and like previous attempts, this took much longer than I would have liked. Drawing strokes — curvy lines, in particular — takes much too much effort with a mouse. A pen and paper version of the above doodle would have taken me about 15 minutes; this simple doodle took me an hour-plus in front of the PC. I’ve been keen on getting a graphics tablet for some time and I think I might take the plunge very soon. I don’t expect to turn into an accomplished artist overnight but I’m hoping that creating simple doodles will be much less frustrating and time-consuming with a graphics tablet.

Wacom seems to be the brand to look for when it comes to graphic tablets. The Japanese company has an informative web site with the Pre-Purchase FAQ being especially useful. The Graphire4 CTE-640 model seems to be just what I’m looking for right now. The A5-sized graphics tablet isn’t the cheapest Wacom model — that would be the smaller A6-sized CTE-440 — but it’s got a terrific software bundle. I’ve been meaning to get Photoshop Elements for photo editing and I might as well get it together with the graphics tablet.

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