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555 in Malaysia?
If Kaman Rider Faiz hits Singapore, it’s a sure bet both the series and toy line will make it here. It will be nice to pick up the S-RHF series of figures at retail prices.

Thirtysomethings on Live.
“Almost everyone five years older than me doesn’t really ‘get’ video games and has little interest in playing them.” Somebody’s hanging with the wrong crowd. One of my most enjoyable Guild Wars sessions was with a 56-year-old and another player who had to take breaks to take care of his kids.

PSP’s Taiko no Tatsujin released. [via]
I’ve put it on my Must Get list.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi IRC chat. [via]
Q Entertainment is trying out some new ideas for the Lumines sequel.

The origin of the football term “nutmeg.”

Behind the Name. [via]
I usually go with anagrams of my own name for my characters but this will come in handy.

Native American tech superiority. [via]
“Indian longbows were fearsomely fast and precise–‘far better than the average musket of the Plymouth colonists in rapidity and accuracy of fire.'”

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