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The unthinkable has happened. I broke the hold Lumines has had over me and actually managed to remove the UMD from the PSP for the first time since I got both.

Make no mistake the game is addictive but I seem to have come up against, ahem, a brick wall in Lumines and it’s been frustrating me. I’ve only managed to hit 300+K twice before in the Challenge Mode and on each occasion, I was quickly overwhelmed by the speed of the dropping bricks. I haven’t fared better in the other game modes either. I can’t see myself improving on my 60-second Time Attack Mode record of 60 and I’ve been repeatedly bested by the Tin Toy level of the Versus CPU mode.

I doubt I would be able to improve in the short term so I’ve decided give the other games in my to-play queue some attention. I finally removed the shrinkwrap from my copy of Twisted Metal: Head On (a game I bought almost three weeks ago) and I hope to get around installing Guild Wars soon as well. And my Rome: Total War campaign remains uncompleted. So many games, so little time.

Still, it’s a nice problem to have as I’ve gone through long spells where there weren’t any games that I found appealing.

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