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Ecch TV

It’s been said television is a medium for advertisers with shows merely there to tempt viewers to absorb the ads but you’d think television stations would be a little more subtle about it.

Take a local station which I’ll misname “Ecch TV” for reasons that will become abundantly clear. Here’s a screenshot from last night:

Ecch TV

I should point out the TV set above doesn’t have picture-in-picture capabilities. That’s just how the station screens some of its shows.

The sidebar on the left is for SMS messages sent in by viewers. As hard as it must be to believe, there actually are silly twats who willingly pay money to send the most inane text seen outside of IRC to be broadcast to every television viewer.

Meanwhile, the bottom bar is for ads. Yes, ads while the show is on.

That odd sound you’re hearing? Don’t adjust your TV set. That’s me gnashing my teeth.

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3 Responses

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  1. Tempest Blue says

    wow, that sure is a sucky channel!! You’re just kidding right? It was photoshopped right?

  2. Gobi says


    There are a couple of local channels that do this. I take it no Singapore channel has sunk to this low?

  3. Tempestblue says

    Thank goodness no. Although Channel News Asia has a semi-useful ticker tape scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Useful if you want to know late breaking news. Blardy annoying if you’re trying to read subtitles. :-)