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WordPress has been upgraded yet again. Version fixes a security problem so this meant I had to upgrade the WordPress installation on this site for the second time in a fortnight.

However, you can get away with a single edit to the template-functions-category.php file in the wp-includes folder. The upgrade notes don’t mention whether it’s possible to simply replace the version of that file with the version so I played safe and upgraded the entire thing. I’ve had practice so this wasn’t that big a deal.

To update my earlier complaints about WordPress 1.5, the Dashboard now only displays the Get Firefox message if the user has a non-Firefox browser.

The Planet WordPress section of the WordPress Dashboard is still of dubious usefulness, though. While it’s nice to get security/upgrade bulletins, it’s unnecessary to get four different notifications of the same bulletin especially when they point to the same link in the WordPress Development Blog section of the Dashboard.


Even more annoyingly, personal blog entries are still showing up. To reiterate a point I made earlier, why does every WordPress user have to be notified of the author’s personal soul-searching?

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