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Mugen links

Here are some Machine Robo Mugenbine links for folks who are curious about the line and what the Japanese fans are doing with it.

There are some delightfully quirky fan-submitted creations on the line’s official site.

NMB’s gallery.
A massive collection of fan-modes.

Asimo’s blog.
Staggering super robot creations combining upwards of 20 Mugenroid.

Prominence image BBS.
An image BBS for fan-modes.

Kajiki’s site.
There are only two fan-creations linked on this site but what he lacks in quantity he makes up for with quality.

Whitebear’s site.
In-depth looks at most of the ST sets.

Izumi’s site.
Reviews of every non-exclusive set as well as a large collection of fan-modes.

Bootleg Mugenbine.

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