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Hibiki’s Rider no. 3: Todoroki.
The opening theme, Kagayaki, will undoubtedly be guitar-heavy when he debuts.

GaoGaiGar Final: Grand Glorious Gathering. [via]
With new scenes and dialogue, this will be a nice promotion for Takara’s upcoming GGG merchandise.’s dodgy fund-raising.
There are better (and more upfront) ways to raise funds.

Words that sound dirty but aren’t. [via]
“Windfucker”? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with ornithologists? On a related note, someone ought to make a list of words that are innocuous in one language but sound dirty in another. For instance, the name of Garfield’s teddy bear would elicit giggles in Malaysia while the line “by the hair of my chinny chin chin” would probably crack someone up in Japan.

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