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I’ve come to the realisation I’m going to be spending a week or so modifying WordPress 1.5’s default theme to reflect my personal tastes.

This isn’t my idea of a super-happy fun time.

Anyway, today’s default theme fix: listing categories hierarchically. The default theme merely lists categories according to category ID i.e. first created, first listed. I prefer to list categories alphabetically and hierarchically. This would place the “WordPress” subcategory in my blog under the “Software” category where it belongs.

To do this, first replace the template-functions-category.php file in your wordpress/wp_includes subdirectory with an updated version.

Next, edit the sidebar.php file in the default theme subdirectory (specifically, change the list_cats template tag) according to the instructions in the Support forums.

This should do the trick. As usual, make backups before you edit a file.

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