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Mugenbine: definitions

MRR joint — fan-term for octagonal pegs and corresponding peg-holes found in figures from Machine Robo Rescue and Mugenbine as well as vehicles from Ultraman Nexus and giant robots from recent sentai lines.

Mugenbine — the name of the line; possibly derived from “mugen combine” i.e. “infinite combinations.”

Mugenroid — the basic building block of the line is a 9cm tall action figure.

Bine parts — parts which attach to the Mugenroid to form mecha beasts, vehicles and super robots.

ST — standard Mugenbine sets.

DX — deluxe Mugenbine sets with bulkier Bine parts suitable for creating super robots.

Obsession — what quickly takes hold of Mugenbine fans causing them to acquire additional Mugenbine sets.

OMG — exclamation used upon realising the total spent acquiring Mugenbine sets.

Foil stickers — decorative stickers applied to the Mugenroid and Bine parts.

****ing hell! — expletive used upon realising one has misaligned foil stickers during application.

Plexthe designers of the line.

EverybinePlex’s showcase for fan-created designs.

WTF — common exclamation used when some of the more unusual fan-creations are viewed for the first time.

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